I’m gonna see if this thing works.

This is my puppy, Momo. She is a teacup chihuahua. And she is dressed as a monkey.

My heart splinters and crumbles to dust as hers swells with a newly-rediscovered ecstasy.

He chooses the perfect time to step back into her life, appearing with cinematic timing to destroy what I cherish most as it reaches its zenith.

I am distraught, but my mask is painproof and affixed tightly.

Time to fill the shoes of the stoic hero once again.

Stoic on the outside, anyways.


Good ol’ fashioned google racism.

Fuckin’ lol


Good ol’ fashioned google racism.

Fuckin’ lol

Is that poem about your bitchy ex? If it is you should really move on...

Which poem? I’ve written a lot of poems about a couple different people and the mood they put me in at the time of writing.

Anyways, my poems are to simply indulge the negative feelings and put them on paper in their most intense form, and once I’ve worked through it and communicate it to its fullest, I tend to move on MUCH faster.

I’ve moved on from all of my exes. Little baggage left, but minimal.




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You are the person seen by the person who is deeply, madly in love with you.

The wrong you may have done is wiped clean, and you are that person, with a future of decisions ahead of you.

If you choose wisely, you can be who they think you are.

When someone follows me, it says “swoon.”

I wish you were really swooning over me.

Romantic comedies… <3

I guess I’m the best.

Breaking hearts like panes of glass leaves the floor littered with shards coated in coagulated guilt spilled by the pint for every second I postpone the inevitable.

Little-known reciprocated pain felt by a gentle heart is unnoticed by the broken-hearted. Lesser known is the broken spirit of the role played opposite the victim.

Heavy lies the crown of the King of Causing Pain.

I was told my hands are nice, and that I should post them.